Privacy Policy


1. General information and concepts:

1.1. Your Personal Data Controller and the operator of the website (hereinafter “We” or the “Data Controller”) is, UAB.

Data Controller details:, UAB
Company code: 304103004
VAT number: LT100009703415
Registration address: Ramygalos g. 66A, LT-36229, Panevezys, Lithuania
Office address: Savanoriu 284A, LT-49475, Kaunas, Lithuania
E-mail: [email protected]

1.2. Buyer – a natural or legal person who purchased goods at the website store

1.3. Customer is a website visitor and/or a Buyer.

1.4. Cookie – a small text document with a unique identification number that is transmitted from a web page to a visitor's hard drive.

1.5. Personal Data – any information relating to a person whose identity is identified or can be identified.

2. General provisions:

2.1. We confirm that your data are processed in accordance with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation No. 2016/679 (hereinafter the “Regulation”).

2.2. Customer Data is collected only for clearly defined and legitimate purposes, processed fairly and transparently.

3. Privacy Policy:

3.1. What kind of Personal Data do we collect and what purpose for?

3.1.1. Name, surname and contact details to: Send or pick up goods. Make an invoice or purchase receipt. Return goods. Identify the Customer for consultation.

3.1.2. Payment information to: Identify the payment of the order placed.

3.1.3. Communication with us (by email or by phone) to: Improve the quality of services.

3.1.4. Information about your device and IP address in order to: Improve and protect the website store.

3.2. Your (Buyer’s) rights as the data subject:

3.2.1. Require access to your information and get acquainted with your personal details.
3.2.2. Require to correct your inaccurate or wrong personal information.
3.2.3. Require to delete your personal information.
In this case, let us know by e-mail [email protected].

3.3. Personal Data processing for direct marketing purposes:

3.3.1. We will e-mail newsletters and/or inquire about the quality of current services only with your prior consent and in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation.
3.3.2. Personal Data processed for direct marketing purposes are: name, surname, email address, phone number, address, date of birth, details of orders, data related to the provision of services.
3.3.3. Personal Data for direct marketing purposes will be kept until your refusal to receive direct marketing communications is submitted.

3.4. Who will receive your Personal Data?

3.4.1. Courier companies for delivery of goods.
3.4.2. Payment institutions in order to make a bank settlement.

3.5. Our website store uses cookies.

Cookie NameExpiry dateDescription
PHPSESSIDUntil you close the website window.A standard cookie that is used to support the user session.
unique set of letters and numbers [Customer ID]Until the user logs out or 2 weeksA cookie is used to store encrypted user session information and for the functioning of the website store.
_utma2 yearsKeeps information about the number of times a visitor visited the site from his first visit to his last.
_utmb30 minutesA timestamp is saved on the time a visitor entered the site.
_utmcUntil the end of the sessionA timestamp is saved on the time a visitor left the site. If the visitor did not leave the site, the cookie still automatically expires after 30 minutes.
_utmz6 monthsInformation about the site the visitor came from, the search engine that was used, the link that was clicked, the keywords used, and the world place the visitor reached the site from is saved.
__cfduid1 yearUsed on the Cloudflare Content Network to determine reliable web traffic.
_dc_gtm_[unique ID]8 hoursThis cookie collects information about user behavior on the site and is used to optimize offers and submit them to other sites.
_ga2 yearsA unique ID that is used to create statistics on how the visitor uses the site is recorded.
_gidUntil the browser is closedA unique ID that is used to create statistics on how the visitor uses the site is recorded.
_gatUntil the browser is closedUsed to increase the speed of Google Analytics queries.
_gat_[unique ID]8 hoursThis cookie collects information about user behavior on the site and is used to distinguish unique users by assigning them a unique identifier (ID).
ads/ga-audiencesUntil the browser is closedUses Google AdWords to re-engage visitors who are likely to convert to customers, based on their online behavior on sites.
collectUntil the browser is closedUsed to send data about visitor device and behavior to Google Analytics. A visitor is observed in devices and marketing channels.

Note: cookies do not collect and do not store any Personal Customer Data.

4. Final provisions:

4.1. Privacy Policy was last reviewed on November 12th, 2018.
4.2. Upon updating our Privacy Policy, we will publish this on our website and change the revision date.
4.3. If you have questions write us an e-mail [email protected].


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